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Congratulations to Alpha Pup Rukus!

It is with excitement, pride, and a maybe a little piddling… we congratulate Alpha Pup Rukus, the Bayou City Pup Pledge Master, on taking on the title of 2016 Pup of Montrose! He is joining a wonderful First Family of Montrose and will certainly do great things.

I had the honor of judging two of our pups in this contest last fall, and I was super proud of them both! The dedication these two had to this contest and to their community is a beacon of hope that should inspire us all. While we are sad to see our pup brother, Pup Verndari, step aside from 2016 Pup of Montrose due to personal circumstances, we are still so very proud of him!

As a group, we are stronger together. I want us all to rally around both Alpha Pup Rukus and Pup Verndari as they continue their journeys. The joy they have brought myself and so many others over the past few years is just the tip of the iceberg for these two!

Again, congratulations to Alpha Pup Rukus!

Alpha Pup Rok
President, Bayou City Pups