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New Members – Wow, we are growing!

The Bayou City Pups has seen it’s ups and downs, like any organization. Sadly, this year we have seen several members move far away from us, but no matter what, they are still a part of our family. A family which continues to grow… and GROW! We are so excited to welcome new members into our organization and into your hearts!

New Full Members:
Handler Kyle
Pup Artemis
Pup Kino
Pup Ulrec
Pup Sokie
Pup Dax
Kittie Ruthie

Current Pledges:
Pup Rocky
Alpha Shock
Pup Dezzy

With all these changes, this brings our membership totals to:
Full Members – 26
Associate Members – 14
Honorary Lifetime – 2
Lifetime Members – 5
Pledges – 4

WOW! And to think we started with a group of 5 on the back patio of the Ripcord just 2.5 years ago!

The Bayou City Pups is an organization about inclusion, fun, and service to our community. But at the heart of it, we are hear for each other. Congratulations to all of the Bayou City Pups and a very heartfelt thank you to our community for your continued support.