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The Difference in a Hood and a Face

Although not necessary for puppy play a hood is a key piece of gear for us Pups.It is what allows us to physically look like puppies, which can often help us get into headspace a lot easier. For some Pups a hood is just a hood a tool to make them look like a puppy to themselves and to others, but for others there is a special hood out there that is more then just a piece of gear, it is their face. In the puppy community there are two different term for our head gear, hoods and faces, while all faces are hoods not all hoods are faces. Almost every puppy at some point has acquired a hood for puppy Play. But for some of us, especially those of us who are always in puppy headspace, identify as a specific breed, or self identifies as a puppy instead of a human being, we have a special kind of hood that we refer to as our face. A face is precious to a puppy. It is the physical representation of how we see our true selves as Pups. When a Pup finds a hood that when they look at it they see a reflection of their soul as a puppy in it, that is the moment they find their true face. For a pup who has a face, when we look in the mirror at our human appearance we often see our pup faces before we see our human ones as If we were still wearing it. A puppy who has a face will often always have it close by if not wearing it, for some Pups not having their face with them in places they can Pup out can sometimes cause them emotional and mental trauma, a Pups face is a piece of who we are both physically, mentally, and emotionally.